Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Echo Of Soul Game Review

Echo of Soul is a free-to-play MMORPG developed by Korean game developer Nvius and published in North America and Europe by Aeria Games. It is powered by Unreal 3 engine and was released on 28 / 05 / 2015. You can choose between NA or EU Region, and each region has 3 servers, each server has 2 channels. At present you get to choose between 5 classes: 1. Warrior 2. Rogue 3. Guardian 4. Sorceress and 5. Archer A new class Warlock will be released in mid October 2015.


 Each class can further choose between 2 paths that has 3 skill trees each. The special thing about EOS is that there is no healer class, you get to play either tanker or damage dealer. There are more than a thousand quests for EOS which most can be skipped. The more rewarding ones are the dailys after hitting present cap level *60. Hardcore players can hit cap in less than 2 days. The equipment is divded into PvE and PvP set. This difference is effective after hitting cap level. Under level 60, players get a battle buff in battlefields for PvP. PvP is open to players from level 10 which they can join battlefields and engage in 10 v 10, 12 v 12 or 15 v 15 It is integrated between all 3 servers. There are 2 maps in battlefield, one which is determined by capturing towers and defeating players, the first team to hit 10 000 points wins. The other map has its focus on resource collection, the first team to collect 200 points of resource wins. Winning team gets more rewards than the losing side, if you do not fufil the minimum requirements, your rewards will be reduced. Winning team receives badges which can be exchanged for valuable items such as gem boxes, inks, essences and gears.


 In the good days when EOS started, the queues for PvP is like 10 seconds at most a minute. However now, it takes more than a minute usually, some occassions up to an hour. Each battlefield lasts around 15-20 minutes on average. Apart from battlefields, players can join guild wars named Vahalla which is twice a day. Guilds may form ally and kill the Vahalla Guardian during Vahalla. Each Vahalla lasts an hour. Vahalla is only based on current server.


 The other PvP is Arena which is 5 v 5 and is open to players when they hit level 60. It has 2 different maps and the rule is just to eliminate the other team. Each side gets to use 5 healing potions and 3 healing pots which is given by NPC. Arena is integrated among 3 servers. You can join the solo Arena play which you can enter in parties of 3 maximum or solo queue. Party Arena will require full party of 5 to participate. Badges are rewarded to teams that join, and they can be used to trade for better PvP gears.


 Weapons and Armors have item levels. The higher item level the better the item. In terms of PvE the dungeons are having entrance requirement based on item level, players have the choice of joining normal dungeons (a party of 5) that can be paired with other servers There are also 10 man and 20 man Raids dungeons which drop better items.


 If you want easier dungeon you can choose to join soul keeper solo or party dungeon. These are easy and only 1 boss. The gears dropped from the bosses are soul bound. There is also a weekly limit on how many times you can join them. Players can use dungeon tickets to extend their entry limits per week.


 Overall, EOS is filled with many expensive but fanciful costumes and mounts. From the release til date, theres like new mount every month. New theme for costumes as well. However, the new cash shop mounts usually come in form of RNG (Random Number Generator) boxes which hardly rewards you what you want.


 The other aspect of the game is upgrading. You upgrade / enhance jewels. You can insert jewels that you upgrade into the gears. Jewels are presently divided into 2 types, first the dull jewels for gears below item level 63. The lucid jewels are for item levels under 159. Dull jewels are tradable regardless of their upgrade level. Lucid jewels are tradable from plus 1 to 4, 5 - 8 requires cash shop casing and 9 - 12 is currently account bound.


 Rating 6.5 / 10 For PvE lovers, you might be disappointed as most of the higher tiered party/raid dungeons, you need to beg for a place with the guilds who are able to finish it. For PvP lovers, action is limited but some reforms will be made in Oct 2015. Arena is pretty fun but not many queues for it these days. If you do not plan to invest money into the game, i will suggest that you play a tank. Otherwise choose a support class like a bard, tell others that you are full support and most wouldnt even notice if you dont buff them.


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