Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Online Survival Game Immune Now With Proper Quest System

Hamburg, Germany - October 6th, 2015 - vidiludi games & entertainment, the developer behind the cartoon survival game Immune, just reached another big Early Access milestone.

With the newly integrated quest system, players are able to go on randomly generated missions like destroying supplies of the NPC enemy, assassinations or hostage rescues. Players are allowed to join these missions alone or in a party. With this approach vidiludi creates more immersion to turn Immune into a fully functional MORPG.

This is one of the first steps vidiludi takes to stand out of the big list of ever-growing survival online games.

To celebrate the new mission system and the new content of the game, vidiludi also reduced the price drastically, while the game is in Steam's Early Access state.

Immune is a cartoon survival online game for PC and Mac with humorous and satiric references currently in Early Access on Steam. The game is developed and published by the indie game developer vidiludi games & entertainment, who aims to make Immune a combination of retro top-down MMORPGs like Tibia™ and modern survival games like DayZ™ or Rust™. Immune takes place in a dangerous environment following an outbreak of a devastating pandemic leaving only a handful of survivors. Offering PVP and PVE, players must scavenge, hunt or grow their own foods, while avoiding or fighting off the dangerous mutants and gasmask wearing NPCs, doing everything they can to avoid the infection by shooting everyone sick or immune in the face. Discover, build, or occupy shelters and houses and craft tools, harvest resources and collect ammunition and weapons required to survive the onslaught of enemies.


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vidiludi games & entertainment is a one man indie game developer from Hamburg, Germany who develops games for iOS, Android, PC and Mac. After 2 years of hobby/after-work game development, vidiludi released their first commercial mobile game called “Highway Run” in 2012, which saw more than half a million downloads in Apple’s App Store. After this unexpected success Gabriel, the man behind vidiludi, quit his job as Software Engineer in 2013 to live his dream: bringing his own game ideas to life. In March 2015, after successfully releasing several mobile games, vidiludi published their first PC/Mac game on Steam called "Immune". Today Gabriel works side by side with freelancers from all over the world to finish Immune.
Gabriel Morgenstern, Owner
vidiludi games & entertainment

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